cshift(A, shift [, dim]): Circular Shift

Circular shift elements of an array.



retval = cshift(A, shift [, dim])
integer function cshift(A, shift, [, dim])


A the input array of any type or rank.

shift the input value of integer type.

dim optional dimension, if present, cshift returns the result of this dimension.

Return values

The return value is of input array type and rank as the A array input argument.


cshift(A, shift [, dim]) performs a circular shift on elements of A array along the dimension of dim. Default value of dim is 1, used when dim is not passed.

If the rank of array is 1, then all elements of array are shifted by shift places. If rank is greater than one, then all complexte rank one sections of array along the given dimension are shifted.

Elements shifted out one end of each rank one section are shifted back in the other end.


Supported argument type is array for A and integer for shift and dim.


program intrinsics_cshift
    implicit none
	integer, dimension(5):: a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
	print '(5i3)', a
	a = cshift(a, shift = 2)
    print *, size(A, 2)
end program


1, 2, 3
4, 5, 1

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